52n-client gml as input

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52n-client gml as input

Edi Karadumi

I'm trying to call an execute operation to


which gets a gml polygon as input. According to the wps client tutorial I should use

IData data = new GTVectorDataBinding((FeatureCollection) inputValue);
executeBuilder.addComplexData(inputName, data, "http://schemas.opengis.net/gml/3.1.1/base/gml.xsd",  null, "text/xml");

to handle complex data. GTVectorDataBinding is not included in the release. Is there any other method to handle gml data?

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Re: 52n-client gml as input

Hello Edi,

you can add the following dependency to your project:


Also, you need a wps_config_geotools.xml [1] and call the following in your code:




[1] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/52North/WPS/WPS-3.5.0/52n-wps-webapp/src/main/webapp/config/wps_config_geotools.xml