Can not access web admin console

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Can not access web admin console

gita anjali
Dear Group, 

I can start 52North wps, view the front page. Butr when I access the web admin console i see the attached error. Im unable to see the web admin console.
I even attached my error log.
Please can anyone explain me what the problem could be?
I apologise for attaching the screen shots since I had no other way I can see the errors, it is not shown in logs, so I attached the screen shots so that you get an idea of the error.
Thank You

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Re: Can not access web admin console

This issue seems to appear if you send a request to the WPS before the admin console was accessed. If you restart the Tomcat and access the admin console without sending any requests beforehand, the admin console should appear. If it was successfully accessed once, it should be accessible henceforward. Note that if the work-directory of Tomcat is cleaned, you will have to repeat the procedure.
We will investigate the reason for this issue and how to fix it.