Error while executing 'DescribeProcess-request via GET'

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Error while executing 'DescribeProcess-request via GET'


I would like to complement you for the creation of such a beautiful architecture. I am a Geo-informatics student from India and trying to learn WPS implementation using R backend. I have followed the two tutorials hyperlinked on the page I am trying the execute the example 'RandomNumbers'

When I am trying to execute the describe process request using the url
"http://localhost:8080/wps/WebProcessingService?Request=describeProcess&Service=WPS&version=1.0.0&Identifier=org.n52.wps.server.r.RandomNumbers", I am encountering an exception which states the following:
"Algorithm does not exist: org.n52.wps.server.r.RandomNumbers".
The reception report has been attached with this message.

What can be the possible solution to this exception? I tried to change the file names as mentioned in this conversation, but it didn't work.

PS: I am using Apache Tomcat 8.5.11 on Ubuntu 16.04.

With regards and positive expectations,
Anurag Kulshrestha,
Dehradun, India.

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Re: Error while executing 'DescribeProcess-request via GET'

Hello Anurag,

Did you use the provided complete script [1], or did you create the script yourself? In the latter case,
the DescribeProcess URL in the tutorial might be wrong. Please try to access the following URL:


In case you used the provided script, please request the capabilities of the WPS [2] and post the response here.



[2] http://localhost:8080/wps/WebProcessingService?Request=GetCapabilities&Service=WPS